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Let's get moving says Trafford Council

By Trafford Council | 03 March 2023

The Trafford Moving strategy aims to improve physical activity levels and mental health and wellbeing as well as addressing health and social inequalities.

Trafford Council wants views on draft strategy to get people moving more

By Trafford Council | 26 January 2023

Trafford Council has developed a draft strategy to get more people walking, wheeling and cycling across the borough – and wants to know what you think.

Multi-million pound boost for Partington in Trafford

By Trafford Council | 19 January 2023

Plans to transform sport and leisure facilities in a Trafford town have received a multi-million pound boost.

Shape a new project in Trafford making public spaces safe and welcoming for women and girls

By GreaterSport and Trafford Safer Streets Partnership | 16 September 2022

Shape a new project in Trafford, exploring ways to make public spaces and streets safe and welcoming places where women and girls feel they belong and can be active citizens.

Call for partner support on a range of exciting opportunities

By GreaterSport | 18 August 2022

GreaterSport is looking to work with partners/suppliers on a number of pieces of work including the Safer Streets fund and Young Person's Campaign.

New opportunity to support better conversations about physical activity with people with long-term health conditions

By GM Moving | 16 June 2022

Express your interest in helping support better conversations about physical activity and movement with people in Manchester and Trafford.