Trafford Overview

The latest Active Lives data shows that there has been an increase in activity levels across Trafford in the last 12 months. 77.1% of adults in Trafford are now moving (active and fairly active), this equates to 143,800 adults. Since Active Lives launched, November 2015-16, the inactivity rate has decreased by 4.3%, meanwhile in Greater Manchester the rate has increased by 2.6%.


When this latest release is combined with activity data on children and young people, 165,600 Trafford residents are moving.

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Demographic data

The inactivity gender gap in Trafford is 0.5%

Since November 15/16 the gender gap has decreased by 11.7%. This change is due to a large decrease in inactivity amongst women (-10.1%) and an increase in inactivity amongst men (+1.6%).

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Inactivity socio-economic gap in Trafford

There was insufficient data collected from lower socio-economic groups within Trafford for any statistical analysis. 

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The inactivity disability gap in Trafford is 16.3%

Since November 15/16 the disability gap has decreased by 10.1%. This is driven by a decrease in inactivity amongst those with a long term limiting disability (-12.1%) over six times that of those with no long term limiting disabilities (-2.0%).

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The inactivity age gap in Trafford is 24.2%

Since November 15/16 the age gap has decreased by 4.4%. This is a result of inactivity amongst over 75's declining (-9.4%) at a greater rate than for 16 to 34 year olds (-5.0%).

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Due to limited sample sizes we have limited ethnicity data across the Greater Manchester boroughs. In Trafford 21.4% of those from a White British background are inactive.

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All data is rounded to one decimal point, you can access the raw data here.

Published June 2021