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New research undertaken by Activity Alliance on non-disabled people’s perceptions and attitudes of disabled people in inclusive activity has shown that there are encouraging signs of an improvement. However, there is a long way to go for the barriers to be broken down, and for inclusive sessions to become the norm.


Supporting employees getting to work by walking or cycling is a worthwhile investment; we've brought together some tops stats and benefits to make the case for active travel to the workplace.


Sport England has published the latest data from the Active Lives Survey, providing a comprehensive picture of volunteering in sport and activity for the first time. One of the most striking features of the research is a stark gender gap.


Following the World Health Organisation's Physical Activity Strategy for the WHO European Region 2016-2025 they have produced a document updating the progress against the priorities listed below. We have summarised the findings into the attached update summary below.

Britain Thinks

GM Moving’s goal is for 75% of the population of Greater Manchester to be active by 2025. In order to do this it is developing a behaviour change campaign to encourage inactive residents to increase their activity levels.

Active Lives

Overall the number of adults moving in Bury has decreased since 2015-16, inactivity has increased (by +1.2%) as has those that are fairly active (by +3.5%).