GM Moving Workforce System Development Brief

By GM Moving | 24 September 2019 | TAGS: GM Moving, System, Leadership


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GM Moving seeks to appoint an organisation/collaborative to co-design, manage and deliver a system change development journey for current and future leaders across sectors, to achieve the outcomes of GM Moving.

Aim: To support and enable a transformation in the culture, behaviours, skills, knowledge and capabilities of Greater Manchester’s workforces to address the challenge of inactivity.

Intended outcomes:

  • More leaders in Greater Manchester will be leading in ways that are consistent with the Greater Manchester principles of reform and GM Moving’s pointers for leadership practice.
  • More leaders across the Greater Manchester system and sectors will see ‘people moving more’ as their business, and be contributing to the ambition of GM Moving through their work.
  • Support locality leads and direct delivery partners make a step change in their confidence and skills in leading a system change.

This will act as a significant catalyst for change, and contribute to reaching the target of 75% of people active or fairly active by 2025.

If you have any questions please email Nick Lowden (

Any questions that are asked, that could benefit an organisation/collaborative, will shared below during the procurement process, to ensure a fair process. 

Questions and Answers:

Q.) On page 6 the submission date was listed as 12pm 25th September, is this the case?
A.) This date had been listed as an error but was correct throughout the rest of the document. The submission date is 12pm 25th October (for both sections) and has now been updated.

Q.) Is it was possible to have the list of people/organisations that the ITT was sent to? 
A.) The ITT was sent to those that had engaged during the consultation phase, it has also been sent to partner organisations to share. As such we are unable to share contact details of those that have received it. We can share the details of those that attended the initial engagement day (28th July), as permission was given on the day.  


Q.) In terms of evaluation - will the existing evaluators by evaluating this system development approach (therefore you are asking us to outline what measures we would put in to enable evaluation) or is the expectation that we deliver and evaluate the approach?
A.) The existing evaluator will be evaluating the approach as part of the wider GM Moving evaluation, the evaluation consortium is being led by Substance . Therefore we would like an outline on what data could collect that can be used by the evaluation team. Once a successful organisation / collaboration has been appointed they will work with the evaluation partner.

If events were held as part of the system development work would event management, facility hire and refreshments be included\not included - also would we be expected to administer this from within the existing amount available? 
A.) The maximum contract that will be awarded is £150,000 including VAT (average of £10,000/month over 15 months) there will obviously be more activity in certain months or potentially upfront costs. In the submission all costs including event management, facility hire and refreshments should be included. GM Moving will provide capacity to support events and manage bookings centrally if required.   


Q.) What is the governance structure for the monitoring of system development outcomes, and\or managing the contract with the successful collaborative partnership?
A.) Formal updates given by the successful collaborative partnership in July 2020 & January 2021 to the GM Workforce group which is made up of GM Moving Staff, Locality leads and Sport England. These will run alongside contract reviews to ensure outcomes are being reached, this will also give both parties, if in agreement, flexibility in the ever changing landscape.


Q.) Is travel and accommodation (if needed for facilitators) included or excluded from the contract range indicated? 
A.) Facilitator expenses should be include in contact range.


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