Louise Entwistle

Development Officer (Inclusive Communities)

Job role: My role is to increase the number of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including women's and girls, disability, BAME groups and housing trusts, taking part in sport and physical activity across Greater Manchester. This involves working with a range of partners to increase the number of opportunities available to communities, understand the barriers these individuals and groups come across and deliver the Get Out Get Active programme, as well as supporting existing projects/ groups working within these areas. I am also responsible for producing case studies to demonstrate the impact this work has in Greater Manchester.

Date joined: February 2013

Professional background: Having graduated with a degree in Sport, Culture and Media in 2006, I started my career with a gym equipment manufacturer, going on to work at Sport England where I gained a vast understanding of community grass level sport, which led me to GreaterSport where I am able to work with the community and make the greatest impact.

Fun fact: I learnt to figure skate as an adult and competed as part of an adult synchronised skating team who won the International Trophy d’Ecosse.

Mobile: 07525 808699

Email: louiseentwistle@greatersport.co.uk